Monday, March 10, 2014

Route for Our Journey

We've had a few people ask about our expected route. These are the towns we have tentatively planned to pass through on our journey. Keep in mind, this route is always subject to change!

1. The Avitia's Land outside of Gatesville, TX
2. Lometa, TX
3. San Saba, TX
4. Richland Springs, TX (FM 765 to San Angelo)
5. San Angelo, TX
6. Sterling City, TX
7. Stanton, TX
8. Lamesa, TX
9. Brownfield, TX
10. Levelland, TX
11. Littlefield, TX
12. Hereford, TX
13. Vega, TX
14. Dalhart, TX
15. Clayton, NM
16. Raton, NM
17. Trinidad, CO
18. La Junta, CO
19. Limon, CO
20. Lyons, CO
21. Wind River Ranch

1 comment: said...

I've actually lived in four of the twenty-one towns on your route. Hopes and prayers go with you that you will find the love of God reaching out to you in every town, every road, every bridge and every breeze. I do a blog called Whispers from God and the basis of it is that God speaks to me most loudly in the little every day things (that still small voice talked about in the bible). I pray He does the same for you as your honor your friend.