Saturday, May 10, 2014

We will be safe tomorrow from the weather!

     I just wanted to write a quick note and let everyone know that we have two little angels named Kathy and Mike Sheely at the S Bar 7 Stables in Bennett, CO that are going to come and trailer us at the end of  20 or so miles today to their stables so that Durango will have shelter from the crazy snow storm that is forecast for tomorrow.  I have received numerous emails, calls and texts so I know everyone is seeing it on the weather channel and is worried about us.  We are safe and will be safe throughout the storm!  Believe it or not, because of the clouds moving in.....we still have not seen mountains!!!  We are going to wake up one day and they will just be right before us and it will be great!
     Today we got off to a rough start but we are all okay and moving forward!  I hope Colorado starts being better to us!  It has been a challenge since we crossed over the state line.  But, at least the people are really nice!
     We will hunker down tomorrow and see what happens Monday.  If it is still bad on Monday we will probably head out on Tuesday headed north on 79 towards Prospect Valley and then West on 52 towards Hudson.  At that time we will assess whether or not we need to be trailered south of Longmont. 
      Ok, that's all for now!  On to glory!!
Love, Donna  (Winston , Hart and Durango too)


Tammi said...

Once the clouds move out you should be able to see the mountains from Bennett:) I have never been to Prospect Valley, but have been thru Hudson on the way to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, it is a nice little town. Praying for you! Stay warm and dry:)

Vicki said...

How do you make all of these connections to people?

Fans of Jonathan said...

Thanks Tammi! And Vicki we have been blessed with so many amazing connections to people along our route. The last ones I called after looking up a number for a stable on google and they were so willing to help. Others have called us directly after hearing of the story and some people we stay with call ahead and set up other places for us. It is truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna if a teepee was in a tree would that make it a treepee? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Poor Krystal puts up with this all the time. Seriously so glad to hear y'all made it through the storm. Love the pics. They're going on the slides at church. We love y'all and are praying for y'all. -Chris